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Kavyagoshthi E-Magazine is its own way to Contributing to the Literature of Gujarati, Hindi and English Language. You may Enjoy the Essence of Native Literature from the different Writer & Poet’s as well as Languages.


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Kavygoshthi was Closed Due to Technical and Editorial Issues During Year 2017

Now, We are Available with New Idea & New Platform.

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If you are Interested to Serving Literature, Without any Commercial Purpose Sarjak is Still Working with Native Literature.

If you are Intrested to Join the Moral Activity for Literature. Join Us, We are heppy to Welcoming you in the Journey…

Meet The Editor & Founder of KG

Sultan Singh

Sultan Singh is a Native Language Writer With the hand on Expertise in Gujarati and Hindi. Basically He is From Counselling Psychology and Sociology background. He is Working as a Freelance Management Consultant and Process Improvement Expert. Writing is Just a Choice and Hobby to be in Literature World for him.

As a Digital Marketing Expert and Learning Web Developer he Maintaining Literature Sites. By this Way he can Be in Touch with Learning and Literature.